Kristin Zeiler’s contribution to the Summerschool ‘What about the Family?’, 19-26 August, 2017

Read her the contribution of Kristin Zeiler to the Summerschool “What about the Family”, 19-26 August 2017 in Groningen.

My name is Kristin Zeiler, Reader (Biträdande Professor) at the Department of Thematic Studies: Technology and Social Change, Linköping University. I work within the fields of medical humanities, feminist theory and bioethics – and I am particularly interested in issues of embodiment, subjectivity, and normativities in medical practices. At the summer school, I will offer a novel approach to the ethics of bodily exchange practices in medicine, i.e. practices where organs, gametes or blood transit from one body to another body or other bodies. This approach cross-pollinates phenomenological philosophy (particularly phenomenology of medicine and feminist phenomenology) with science and technology studies, bringing together a focus on subjectivity, affect, embodiment and normativity (the contribution from feminist phenomenology and phenomenology of medicine) with that of how social, political, ethical and technological dimensions co-shape the development of bodily exchange practices, including how persons, bodies and technologies come to be understood, positioned and enacted (the STS-inspired contribution). I will also discuss what this cross-pollination helps us do analytically and why it is helpful for bioethical inquiries – beyond my focus on bodily exchanges in medicine – when bioethics is concerned with corporeal subject-formation in relations with others, things and the world, choice, decision-making, and embodied and enacted norms and values.

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