Special introduction to Summerschool by Veerle Provoost, Ghent University

My name is Veerle Provoost. I am Professor of Empirical research methods for Ethics and Bioethics at Ghent University, Belgium, and Lecturer of Advanced methods for Qualitative research in Bioethics at the University of Basel, Switzerland. Over the last years, I coordinated an interdisciplinary team of researchers who studied genetic and social parenthood in the context of donor conception. When looking at how ordinary people reason and make decisions in health-related contexts (mainly reproductive medicine), it becomes clear that patients bring their own sets of principles; principles that may be very different from what medical staff anticipated and may feature around moral elements that may completely escape the attention of ethicists. Most importantly, the moral reasoning of everyday people is centred more around relationships than around the principles that are at the core of today’s scholarly bioethics. Therefore, this summer school offers a much welcomed and needed opportunity to learn how scholars from several different disciplines have answered to the urgent call that biomedicine and bioethics require a more relational perspective to understand how people develop their sense of moral responsibility and identity. My contribution to the school will be to share my expertise in designing and using adequate methods for interdisciplinary empirical research in bioethics, presenting examples mainly from studies in the context of reproductive medicine and the creation of new (types of) families.

Read further and apply http://www.rug.nl/education/summer-winter-schools/summer_schools_2017/what_about_family/

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