Ainsley Newson (University of Sydney) will be contributor to the Summerschool ‘What about the Family’

Ainsley Newson will be contributor to the Summerschool ‘What about the Family’ – Interdisciplinary Course on Ethical Issues in Health and Social Care

Coming Emerging challenges in reproductive and genomic technologies development and their impact for family ethics by Ainsley Newson

We have long known that genetic information is inherently familial. But the emergence of genomics may re-emphasie the individual. Traditionally, DNA testing has often involved caring for families as opposed to individuals. Now, individuals are increasingly able to access whole genome sequencing. While familial information can be useful for interpretation, it is not always required. How might this impact concepts such as privacy, the right not to know and the duty to inform? And how should we construe concepts such as ‘best interests’ when we are balancing individual and family interests?
While genomics may de-emphasise familial kinship; emerging reproductive technologies may be increasing the emphasis on genetic ties. Mitochondrial replacement, for example, exists to allow couples to have a child free of mitochondrial disease who is genetically related to both ‘parents’.
This session will draw on case studies and relevant concepts to draw together and critically apply discussions from throughout the course so far.

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