About the Network on Ethics of Families

Despite many attempts to broaden its ethical gaze beyond the patient-centered focus of traditional medical ethics, bioethics remains strongly individualistic. The patient is treated as a self-interested individual unencumbered by personal relationships, and the principle of self-determination is dominant. However, many areas of biomedicine call for a more relational perspective. This international collaborative project on ethics of families is just about that.

Since January 2014 we received a grant by NWO to develop an international network on ethics of family. The project is called „Responsibility in Change”.

The aim of this network is to develop new theoretical approaches that can address the contemporary challenges to responsibility created by new areas of healthcare practice and intervention. In particular to: consider the significance of people’s key relationships, such as family and community, in how they deliberate and make decisions about responsibilities they must respond to.

These aims will be addressed by producing the following:

  • To submit an international research proposal
  • To produce high quality publications (journal papers and edited collection)
  • To develop a formal structure to manage, oversee and develop the international research network’s long term future.

This website aims to become a platform where researchers and others meet who are interested in the ethics of families.


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